Indoor Advertising Solutions


Convert Any TV Into An Ad Display


Schedule Ads From Any Browser


Low Setup Cost


Turn any TV into a digital signage display and schedule ads from any device with a browser.

Ad Scheduler

The Sign Dash set-it-and-forget-it ad scheduler is a simple, user-friendly and powerful solution to managing multiple digital signage displays.

Global Ads

Need an advertisement to display across your entire network or an individual market? Sign Dash gives you multiple schedule options.

Easy Setup

Our ad players are shipped preconfigured and ready to display your scheduled ads.

Display Management

Our digital signage players can check the status of supported HDMI connected displays and send a signal to power the display on or off.

Send Proposals

Send proposals with interactive maps of your locations and follow up by emailing a contract link for digital signature.

Track Sales

Our contract management system allows you to see what inventory you have available in real-time and track sales and revenue.

How It Works

SignDash is an intuitive, simple solution for complex indoor advertising networks. We provide digital signage players that can attached to modern TV’s to display ads on a single display or across dozens of displays with a few clicks.

Getting started is easy:

1. Contact us using the form below to discuss your needs and our pricing

2. We will ship you digital signage players (DSP’s) and set up your online SignDash management account

3. Install TV’s you purchase and connect SignDash’s DSP’s to each TV and to the Internet (ethernet or Wifi)

4. Configure your locations in SignDash and schedule ads to play

5. Use SignDash to manage your ad sales and track inventory

Ready To Get Started?