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More Than A CRM

Sign Dash is a cloud-based, billboard industry software solution! 

Advertiser CRM

Your prospects and existing advertiser’s information at your fingertips. Log and review contact information and keep track of past communications.

Digital Contracts

Build proposals and contracts on-the-go with our digital billboard contract system. Email your prospect a proposal for their digital signature.

Billboard Inventory

Knowing what faces you have available is now easier than ever. When generating a proposal, Sign Dash let’s you know billboard availability in real-time.

REvenue Reports

Quickly run financial reports to give you a snapshot of expected revenues for a given period of time. Projections can be pulled for specific faces or by salesperson.

Availability Reports

Need to know availability for all faces over the next week, month, year? It has never been easier to see a snapshot of your inventory availability.

Task Manager

Automated task generation for newly executed contracts and the ability to add one-off tasks makes it easy to stay on top of essential tasks.

Private, Cloud-Based Solution

Sign Dash allows your sales team and support staff to access advertiser data and generate digital proposals from any device with a Internet connection.  Your sales team is no longer restricted by location or a 9 to 5 work day.

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